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Fun Fact

"Cowboy Coffee" was made by putting ground coffee into a clean sock, immersing it in cold water, heating it over a campfire and when ready, pouring the coffee into tin cups and drinking it.

Flying Pan News

"Cowboy Coffee" was made by putting ground coffee into a clean sock, immersing it in cold water, heating it over a campfire and when ready, pouring the coffee into tin cups and drinking it.

Savory Crepes


The savory crêpe is one of our hottest dishes. No joke! A quick process, the crêpe is cooked fat-free and while still on the electric griddle, it is crowned with your favorite vegetables and meats, then brought to the perfect temperature. The aroma fills the air as the flavors infuse the crêpe. Most likely, you’ll be drooling at this point but no worries, your meal is wrapped up and served pronto. Eat with your choice of fresh garden salad, fresh fruit cup or gourmet chips. You can also complement your meal with a cup of soup for an additional charge. Compliments to the chef you can give for free.

Sweet Crepes


Not just a dessert, the sweet crêpe is a treat that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Like a beautifully tailored suit, the sweet crêpe is your fully customizable ticket to total taste bud heaven. It can be filled with whatever tickles your fancy or your sweet tooth commands you to order. Our ingredients can create over 100 tantalizing combinations so don’t try to fit them all in at once! Choose from our featured favorites for a guaranteed delight. After one bite, some people may experience their toes curling. And for that, you’ve very welcome.

Omelette recipes


We’re guessing you know what this is, but if you’re just discovering this eggy classic, an omelette is a savory dish from a batter of beaten eggs that is cooked and filled with a combination of meat, cheese or vegetables. And here at Flying Pan, all the fillings are selected by you. Choose from our array of fresh ingredients or try one of our suggested flavor fusions. Enjoy it anytime of the day! Served with your choice of sides: fresh fruit cup, pasta salad, potato salad, fresh garden salad or gourmet chips. Add a cup of soup for an additional charge. Guess that answers the question, “What came first? The soup or the egg?”

Panini Sandwiches - Flying Pan


Freshly grilled paninis are the perfect sandwiches to be eaten throughout the day. Choose from a variety of toasted tastiness. Served with your choice of sides: fresh fruit cup, fresh garden salad or gourmet chips. Add a cup of soup for an additional charge.

Specialty Salads - Flying Pan


Hand-selected ingredients blended together with our spring mix for chef-inspired flavors, hand tossed on the spot for ultimate freshness. Choose from a range of ingredients made daily and fresh vegetables, such as caramelized onions or mushrooms. Add some chicken, turkey or boiled egg. Complement your meal with a cup of soup for an additional charge. Soup and salad go together like, well, soup and salad.

Soups - Flying Pan


A complement to any meal, dive into our signature Tomato Basil made from our unique recipe. And check your shop regularly as we offer a wide range of “soups of the day” that will hopefully be one of the highlights of your day.

Espresso - Flying Pan


Flying Pan’s espresso is a classic Northern Italian style which creates a sweet complex espresso experience. Notes of caramel, hazelnut and dark chocolate provide a long and soft aftertaste. And our custom roasted espresso has enough character to stand up to milk in a cappuccino. No milk is going to tell our espresso what to do.

Try a traditional Espresso with either one shot or two. Or take it down a notch and go decaf. We don’t necessarily understand decaf espresso. But if you like it, that’s fine with us. And of course we have Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Macchiato-Caramel latte, and Nutella Mocha. That’s right. Nutella. Mocha.

Fresh Brewed Coffee - Flying Pan


The flavors from three different coffee growing regions which make up our Traditional House Blend, when roasted to a medium profile, create a sophisticated balance which is bold yet has a pleasant smooth finish. The flavors move from the front to the back of the pallet as it cools, merging the taste of graham crackers and roasted nuts with the sweetness of grapes and the full-bodied mouth-feel of chocolate. Our Traditional House Blend is also available in decaf.

You can also explore our daily fresh brewed flavored coffee drinks for something a little different, with a heck of a lot of taste. Depending on your region, we offer: Caribbean Coconut, Chocolate or Honey Macadamia Nut, Death by Chocolate, Sunny Days, Sticky Buns, Coconut Crème Brulée or Summer Sea Breeze. These will really put a new step in your day.

Hot Teas - Flying Pan


The pleasure from a hot cup of tea is often forgotten, but at Flying Pan, your love of this café essential will be rekindled. With a fine selection of black teas, decaf teas, green teas and herbal fusions with specialty flavors available, you’ll fall in tea-love all over again.

Chai Tea Lattes - Flying Pan


Hippies have been drinking this stuff for ages. Because it’s a delightful beverage from the Indian subcontinent made by brewing tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs. Just add steamed milk to make a luxurious latte. Available in regular or spicy.

Iced Teas - Flying Pan


We take pride in our iced tea which is made from a selection of traditional tea blends. Especially, our unique Flying Pan Traditional Iced Tea. Tailored to suit our flair for life, our signature iced tea has a twist you’ll love!

A blend of Niligiri teas, known for being intensely aromatic, our tea comes from an estate in the Coimbatore area of India called Iyerapadi. We balance the rich flavorful body of the Niligiri with the brightness and boldness of teas grown on a small estate in the Galle region of Sri Lanka. This combination creates a sophisticated rich deep full-bodied flavor when it is cooled. It is important to remember not all teas make a good iced tea and not all teas used in iced teas make good hot teas either. Thus, we had to test and be very selective in choosing which teas would be used for our signature iced tea blend.  We invite you to enjoy a refreshing cool glass of our “Traditional Iced Tea” and taste it for yourself.

Smoothies - Flying Pan


These refreshing blends of ice, water and our fabulous fruit start with your choice of two different foundations. A Base Smoothie is a blend of ice, fruit(s) and water. A Base Smoothie Shake is a delicious blend of ice, vanilla cream and fruit(s). Choose from strawberry, banana or mango, wild berry or pink margarita. Flying Pan smoothies uphold our standards of freshness and do not use corn or high fructose syrup to sweeten the product, only a safe natural sweetening agent, crystalline fructose. Our invigorating, can’t-stop-‘til-it’s-all-gone flavor is the result of the unique fusion of our fresh fruits. We only use the best!

Speciality Drinks - Flying Pan


A range of gourmet drinks that reflects our roots, from the creamy French hot chocolate to apple cider traditionally served with crêpes in Europe, fresh fruits shake-up and many more.

Health from A-Z

Our signature crêpe batter recipe, made of egg, water and flour is tasty and light, ensuring we provide the best quality to you from start to finish. Cooked on a griddle, there is no need for butter or oil in the cooking process.

Eat Fresh, Not Fake

Our selection of ingredients ranges from the freshest fruits and vegetables to quality meat and dairy. Our ingredients are prepared daily, from slicing & dicing to cooking, we want our meals to be as nutritious, filling and tasty as possible. Our crêpes nutrition is as important to us as it is to you.

See what you’re eating

The interactive crêpe cooking process means we have nothing to hide, what you see is what you get. All ingredients are kept cold and fresh, in full view. Watch as your crêpe is given a twist, turn & flip by one of our friendly staff, to create the best meal possible. It’s as simple as that.

Know what you want?

Want extra chicken, a little less cheese and touch more mushrooms? Let us know! We’re here to make this the best dining experience possible. If our extensive menu doesn’t tempt your taste buds, we’ll be happy to tweak it just for you.

Tailored Creations

Our menu is all about versatility. From a selection of 27 ingredients and 6 sauces, create healthy savory crêpes, create your own omelette using only what you like the most, or chose from our recommendations. Sweet crêpes can be as complicated or simple as you like, with over 100 combinations, you can use every ingredient on our menu to personalize your meal.

This or That

Whether you’re hungry or just have a case of the munchies, we’ve got a healthy choice ready. A menu filled with healthier dining options from savory healthy crêpes to salads, paninis and soups, we provide meals filled with veggies and essential greens. Our fresh garden salad, side of fruits, pasta and potato salads are a tasty complement to your meal.

Let us help you create the healthiest meal possible using only our fresh ingredients and a few great ideas.

Tuscan Sun: Replace the mozzarella with egg for protein and this crêpe, filled with artichoke hearts, baby spinach, sundried tomatoes, and red onions, is nutritious and filling. Complement your crêpe with a side of fresh garden salad and a cup of soup; don’t forget to grab a Wild Berry smoothie full of antioxidants to keep you going all day long.

Thai One On: Spring mix with your choice of chicken, bean sprouts, carrots, red onion, fresh basil and mint, replace the spicy peanut sauce with the fat-free Italian, it makes a delicious, healthy lunch. Choose a side of fruit, add a cup of soup and one of our signature unsweetened ice teas. Could it get any better?

Custom Omelette: An omelette made of up to 6 ingredients? This is one of Flying Pan’s most diverse meals on the menu. Try this: salmon, mushrooms, baby spinach, red onion, a hint of feta cheese and topped off with fresh chives. This omelette is full of protein, healthy fats and delicious flavors. Enjoy it with a side of fresh garden salad and a traditional fruit smoothie.

Good & Good For You Too.

Flying Pan's menu encompasses a broad offering, with the crêpe, savory & sweet, at the center, supplemented with café fare including omelettes, paninis, soups and salads. Additionally, a full range of coffee beverages, hot and cold drinks and fresh juices complement the menu.

Download our Flying Pan’s menu.