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Fun Fact

"Cowboy Coffee" was made by putting ground coffee into a clean sock, immersing it in cold water, heating it over a campfire and when ready, pouring the coffee into tin cups and drinking it.

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Ralphael Marie Clarke joins the US team as VP Administration & Real Estate. She has been an invaluable member of our team as a consultant since early 2010.


Sure, we’ve got a story. Doesn’t everyone? You know how it is. It’s the usual French businessmen move to Australia and open a single crêperie* which turns into a successful International chain spreading throughout Australasia, the Middle East and now the Americas. You’ve heard that one before, right? No? Ok then, well, we are
BFC Retail Group and overseas we have a brand called The Crêpe Café. When we decided to open our first fast casual restaurant and café concept in the USA, we were smart enough to know that not everything translates and thus we developed our new brand of crêperie, Flying Pan. It’s a new spin on a classic favorite known the world over. And with Flying Pan, we hope to make eating out a little less routine and healthier while we’re at it. Imagine that! Good and good for you. Set in a friendly, vibrant café crêperie atmosphere, it’s for people who enjoy exploring and discovering a world of imaginatively prepared new and familiar flavors with a twist, turn or flip. As entertaining as it is delicious, we hope that our Flying Pan delights you and all your taste buds.

*A Crêperie is the traditional French café in which a variety of crêpes are served.


Our signature offering is called a crêpe. It’s a type of very thin pancake that we’ve perfected, made from a batter of flour, egg and water. It’s the European cousin to the American pancake or to the Mexican tortilla, except that it is more versatile than both of these since it can be sweet or savory. In one form or another, the crêpe is actually one of the world’s oldest foods. It has many names and shapes throughout the world and dates back to when man first started mixing cereals and water together then cooking the result on hot stones. Later on, new ingredients such as eggs and milk were added to improve the taste. Crêpes can be loaded up with pretty much any type of filling you’re in the mood for, from sweet fruits and desserts to savory meats, veggies and cheeses. And at Flying Pan, we also like to add in love, hugs and a big helping of awesomeness.


Flying Pan provides the perfect café ambiance with warm hues and cool features. With a hint of turquoise to ignite the imagination, the fun mix of furniture encourages musical chairs as the velvet soft fabrics invite you in. From deep burgundy to rich orange and geometric prints, the eclectic beauty of Flying Pan is friendly and relaxing. Enjoy the fusion of old and new as stained wood, mosaic tiles, chrome and metal are incorporated into a beautifully crafted, fast casual restaurant café. To take you on a flavorful journey around the world, each Flying Pan is uniquely attired with a choice of local artwork, the walls as diverse as the cuisine.

Our cafés are designed with your enjoyment in mind, up front and center. Literally. The center kitchen of each Flying Pan restaurant is the ideal setting for you to watch and be entertained. With 360 degree visibility, the unique design allows you to observe as our Flying Pan staff twists, flips and folds our signature crêpes into a signature meal. Or you can always just sit in a cozy corner with your favorite crêpe and take a little culinary escape from the everyday.


  1. We pour the rich batter onto an electric griddle.
  2. Watch the artistry as your crêpe is twisted and flipped to the perfect golden crispness.
  3. We fill your crêpe with fresh ingredients straight from the market.
  4. We fold your crêpe as the aroma fills the air.
  5. Your crêpe is served. Choose your side and pick up your drink for the perfect meal.
  6. Take a bite. Smile. Enjoy the bliss. Repeat. (We love to watch this part).